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Reflection on the Digital Economy Youth Summit at Cambridge University

From January 31st to February 2nd 2020, we had the pleasure to participate in European Horizons’ Digital Economy Youth Summit at the University of Cambridge. This conference gave us the opportunity to meet students from European Horizons chapters from across the globe, exchanging insights we have gained from our experience in our local chapters. Furthermore, the Conference hosted fascinating speeches from prominent politicians and academics, amongst which were the Chief Economic Advisor to the Prime Minister of Ukraine, Dr. Alexander Rodnyansky, the former Foreign Minister of Denmark, Kristian Jensen, and the Advisor to the Chief Financial Officer at the University of Cambridge, Dr. Ellen Quigley. These speeches provided us with valuable lessons on the politics of development, international cooperation and political engagement.

Furthermore, we took part in workshops on digital banking, big data and cyber security, and sustainable economy. After gathering information, exchanging opinions and collaborating with other students, we drafted policy proposals for the European Union on these matters. This experience did not only enhance our understanding on critical topics regarding the future of the EU, but it further facilitated cross-chapter cooperation, and allowed us to connect with students from various countries. We firmly believe that these experiences fortify European Horizons’ network, equip participants with valuable knowledge, and are thoroughly enjoyable. Hence, we strongly recommend all members to participate in future conferences, and we hope to see you around!

Written by Johanna Kappenberg, Marlinde Schellekens, Louisa Vofrei and George Vournas.

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