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The Winners of the 2023 Amsterdam Policy Price

Congratulations to the third successful EU policy proposal competition held by European Horizons Amsterdam Chapter - Amsterdam Policy Prize 2023! The days long event was concluded with new friendships, enhancement of academic skills. We are proud to announce the top three best policy proposals on Safeguarding Democracy in the Digital Disinformation Age. Click the links below to read our winners' policy proposals.

Coming in third place is the proposal by Ege Kaynarca, Anna Luisa Reinhardt and Yeva Andriivna Seplyarska that share some fascinating remarks on how to combat disinformation in social medias demographically and politically divided echo chambers. Click below to view how they plan to achieve this by increasing user autonomy and social media transparancy.

The Autonomous Three
Download PDF • 231KB

This years second place winners Gabriella Cantone, Vija Turulytė, Leandra Sophie Voss, Eva-Maria Vogel submitted a impressive policy proposal on how to tackle disinformation by using psychologically informed approach. Click below to read how they evaluate both company and government policy and what their recommendations are.

Labelling, Scoring Prompting_ A Psychologically Informed Approach to Tackle Disinformation
Download • 215KB

We are happy to announce our first place, the outstanding winning paper by Elton Högklint and Erika Vodvárková! Their paper is taking a insightful critical stance on the European Unions current approach to false information. In their proposal, that convinced us and the judges, the winners share their striking recommendations in order to democratize the digital space. Click below to view the winning paper of the APP 2023.

Deep Fakes, Distrust, Discourse_ Democratising the Digital Space
Download PDF • 104KB

Last but not least, we would like to give a big heartfelt 'thank you' to all the volunteers, the APP Committee, and the EUH board! Without their passion, dedication, and painstaking efforts, the APP would have not been such a great success! And a big 'thank you' to all those who participated. It is your enthusiasm that made APP memorable and worth continuing! So, THANK YOU TO ALL WHO HAVE BEEN WITH US THROUGH THIS YEAR'S APP! See you next year for APP 2024!

Admiring the amazing work done by the winners? Wondering if you also have it in you to win a prize for your own policy proposal to the lawmakers? Then, follow the EUH on social media so you won't miss APP 2024!

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