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Founded in 2022, the Amsterdam Review of European Affairs (AREA) is a peer-reviewed, student-run academic journal published by European Horizons University of Amsterdam. It is dedicated to showcasing interdisciplinary undergraduate and graduate scholarship on European politics and policy.

European Horizons University of Amsterdam is the first European Horizons Chapter to develop and publish its own journal, featuring the work of its members.

The second issue of AREA features papers encompassing a wide range of topics, demonstrating the multifaceted nature of European affairs. From thought-provoking analyses of LGBTQ+ and women's rights in Europe to explorations of EU space law and the internal affairs of particular European states, the content is highly engaging and enlightening. The journal features research papers, policy papers, and the three best short paper essays written by members of our organization over the course of this academic year. This variety ensures a stimulating academic experience for our readers.

Please enjoy this edition!

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