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The Transatlantic News Initiative (TANI) began as an idea proposed by the SP Editor-in-Chief to promote Short Paper publications. To generate more interaction with our readers, TANI would aim to produce video content on the topic of Short Papers. The Research & Publications (R&P) management team (the Director of Research & Publications, LP Editor-in-Chief, and SP Editor-in-Chief) then worked together to turn this idea into a reality. After a series of interviews in January 2023, the News Clips initiative onboarded a video editor and a video news anchor. The R&P management team now works on scripts, the news anchor narrates them to life, and the video editor puts everything together to make engaging videos that boost interaction with our Short Paper publications. The first TANI video was posted in February 2023, and the next in March 2023.

Trans-Atlantic News Initiative: Feature
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