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Organised by Ava, Daniel, Harshita, Noah and Nuur.

The Short Paper (SP) committee consists of the SP Editor-in-Chief and SP Managing Editors. This committee oversees the monthly writing process of short academic papers by members of our Chapter. Each month, a handful of EuH Amsterdam members sign up to write a short paper related to European and Transatlantic Affairs under a given theme chosen by the SP Editor-in-Chief (EX: "Energy in Europe and North America" was December's topic). SP Editors then take on 1-2 writers and guide them through the process of finding a topic, outlining, drafting, and finalizing a paper over just four weeks. The SP Editor-in-Chief oversees and schedules the writing process, reports to the Director of Research & Publications, and together with the Director performs final edits to prepare papers for the website.

Short Paper committee: Feature
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