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Organised by (left to right, top to bottom on photo):

LP Managing Editor Hannah Kamp,

LP Editor in Chief Michalina Nowakowska,

LP Writer Leandra Voss,

LP Managing Editor Karina Zybaczynski

LP Writer Joep Hinderink

Not pictured:

LP Managing Editor Piotr Kosik

LP Writer Diana Burduja

LP Writer Milica Mijailovic

LP Writer Arina

LP Writer Liana

The Long Paper (LP) committee comprises the LP Editor-in-Chief, LP Managing Editors, and Writers. The committee's primary goal is to produce original research and policy papers (or "long papers") on behalf of our Chapter. Across the past five months, Writers have been working hard on six different academic papers under the firm guidance of the LP Managing Editors. They have gone from initial research ideas in October to fully-fledged articles by March, attending writing skills workshops hosted by the Director of Research & Publications each month. The Editor-in-Chief monitors this whole writing process, reports progress to the Director and assists Managing Editors at points in the editing process. All long papers are due to be finished by the beginning of this April 2023.

Long Paper committee: Feature
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