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Organised by (left to right, top to bottom on photo):

Competitions Liaison Isabelle Hodel,

Events Liaison Elza Nagobade,

Communications Director Zofia Ciołek,

Head Graphic Designer Aitana Latorre

The Communications Committee handles all marketing for European Horizons Amsterdam. We collaborate with our committees to promote events, monthly publications, the Amsterdam Policy Prize, and our journal: AREA. This year, our focus has centred on tactics to expand our outreach outside the University of Amsterdam and implement more frequent and interactive content on our platforms.

Within our achievements lie increasing our social media outreach and engagement on varied platforms, becoming more internationalized through collaborations with other European Horizons chapters, and bringing the vision of our committee heads into our marketing strategy. Additionally, we successfully assisted the APP committee in their promotion, culminating in many sign-ups for our flagship event.

Our current focus is recruiting as many new general members as possible to grow our community and, for the first time since our chapter was founded, have 100 active members!

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Communications Committee: Causes
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