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December 8th 2021

With the topic 'Fit For 55?', we hosted our EU Green Deal Panel Discussion in December 2021. The Green Deal encompasses the EU's policies addressing the climate crisis and corresponding questions of social and economic inequality. In our engaging discussion, we discussed the EU’s efforts on making Europe the “first climate-neutral continent” and the planned transformation of the EU’s industry, infrastructure and way of living.

To cover the wide range of sectors that are concerned, we invited speakers from various fields to give us their perspective on the EU Green Deal: Director-General for Environment and Deputy Director-General for Trade Karl Falkenberg, PR Advisor for the Dutch Renewable Energy Association NVDE Dennis Clement, Co-founder of the ‘XR Catalysers’ Caroline Pakel, as well as Shell senior process engineer Luís Grau.

The panel discussion took place on 08.12.2021. Moderated by Björn Horbank and Robert Lange from the EuH Amsterdam External Committee, which organized the event.

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Green Deal Panel Discussion: Team



Karl Falkenberg has long experience as a negotiator in the European Commission starting in the 1980s and was Director-General for Environment and Deputy Director-General for Trade. Today he works as an independent policy adviser and gave lectures at, among others, the London School of Economics and College of Europe.

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